captador-por-panelesOutdoor swimming pool heating by means of solar energy is one of the most handy and profitable uses of the solar technology. It does not require maintenance and it extends the bathing season pleasantly.

The ideal solar collector model would be the one which supports a great circulation wealth, with optimal operation at low temperature and direct water recirculation without been affected by the action of chlorine, algaecide, bactericides, salinity, etc. And with special additives in their internal composition that prevents the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

The black polypropylene collector from Solapool is 50% more economic than any other conventional flat collector with glass cover and isolation, Solapool does not require maintenance and its useful life is very long. It is guaranteed for 5 years against any manufacturing fault.

In pools heated by means of solar energy, it is essential to install a thermal or automatic cover because of their insulating power in order to preserve water temperature.