Obtaining gratuitous hot water for domestic use is easy and very profitable. With a simple and fast installation, 100% of the hot water consumption in a home can be produced, with the consequent energetic and economic saving.

We adapt to the municipal solar current regulations, according to which, the solar panels installation for sanitary hot water in new construction and/or integral rehabilitations of official organisms is obligatory..

Compact equipments (with circulation by means of thermo siphon), are the most installed because of their simplicity and efficiency, they gather in a same set all the components of a thermal installation: Interstorage cell of Sanitary Hot Water, solar panels, safety valves and accessories.

In the forced circulation systems, in order to transmit the energy of the panels to the interstorage cell, a circulating pump is used and controlled by a thermo-differential system. This allows the panels and interstorage cell, to be placed in different sites.

Operation scheme of forced circulation systems.


The location of the panels can be on the roof or next to the building, taking advantage of the space available.

Clima Pool Center takes charge for free of proccessing the grants that the different administrations give for the instalation of solar panels to obtain sanitary hot water.

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