We detect, locate and repair water leaks in your swimming pool, without needing to break the tiles in order to locate them, avoiding unnecessary works and expenses for the detection.

We locate water leaks in the pipes of your swimming pool in a fast and efficient way thanks to the hydrogen detector, which detects leaks in all type of pipes; water, air, insulating capes… and we give you a report about the condition of your pool.

This system works under pressure introducing a hydrogen mixture in the pipes, so this mixture flows through the fissures and can be detected with special sensors.

The mixture is composed by 95% of nitrogen and only 5% of hydrogen. This amount is enough to locate the water leak and in addition, it is totally innocuous, it does not damage the facilities or the environment.

Once the leak is located, we put at your disposition a highly qualified technical staff which will take charge of the reparation, leaving your swimming pool in optimal conditions.