AQUASONIC. Protect your home, saves energy and money.

AQUASONIC is a anti- lime powerful, unique and patented worldwide to neutralize the harmful effects of lime and clearing the lime already adhered to by electromagnetic- radio waves propagating across the water circuit.

LIME is the main reason why you pay 40% more on your bills. (Acts as a thermal insulator potent and thereby increases energy to heat water)

LIME is the great enemy of energy saving. Causing damage to the home. With AQUASONIC entire system you will keep your home clean LIME and protected it, so that will take advantage 100% of the energy consumed AQUASONIC is a small investment, has a payback of less than one year!

10 Advantages of installing AQUASONIC:
1. It is the only technology that exfoliates the deposited lime to their total elimination.
2. PROTECT lime and keeps clean all the water circuits.
3. not need maintenance
4. doesn ́t use consumables goods.
5. takes up little space. easy to install
6. 40% saving of energy.
7. Be forgotten itchy skin and irritation
8. savings in repair
9. To 50% savings on cleaning and hygiene products
10. in bathrooms and showers prevents lime deposits.