sistema-osmosis-inversaReverse osmosis is a water filtration process, which combines the use of pressure and a semi-permeable membrane to separate and remove impurities from water (dissolved solids) retaining them in small filters.

This system is able to eliminate from the water up to 95% of total dissolved solids, and 99% of bacteria, providing pure, healthy water for drinking and cooking. Filters and membrane system manages to eliminate metals and salts from water such as lead, sodium and nitrates which are harmful to health. It also keeps at Bay the smell and flavor caused by chlorine.resultado-osmosis-inversa

It works with own domestic water pressure , allowing water pass from the deposit to the filters, obtaining a crystalline, high quality and good tasted water in a boundless way, making unnecessary the use of costly bottled water.

Reverse osmosis equipments are easy to install, they fit under the sink without needing specialized plumbing. In addition, the filter cartridges are easy to change and require no maintenance. They are available in several sizes to process different amounts of water.