We install measurement, regulation and dosification equipments that ensure the maximum hygienically quality of water in both private and public swimming pools.

equipo-dosificacion-automaticaIn the case of public swimming pools, water quality should be a priority; these equipments provide security and prevent problems caused by infections through water. The regulations require the presence of residual chlorine as a disinfectant but every day more public pools are installed by other means of disinfection. The choice of appropriate equipment is based on the volume of the pool, installation type (indoor / outdoor), bather load, exposure of solar hours, and the customer’s choice of chlorine, salt electrolysis or other, each system has different advantages.

Advantages of automation:

  • With the automatic dosing, the maintenance products are applied with more accuracy and comfort, saving money.
  • The disinfection is safer in case of frequent pool use and a big amount of dirt.
  • Simple operation.
  • The pump quality guarantees a silence operation thanks to a quiet mechanism of pumping.
  • Warning signs alert you immediately if there is any unexpected change in water parameters.