Water heating is the only way to enjoy your pool from the first sunny days of the year.

bomba-de-calorEconomic, powerful, silent and easy to use, the PSA heat pumps get advantage from a unique technology in the world that associates POLYAMIDE to TITANIUM, totally anticorrosive materials, whatever the water supply and treatment is (salt pools particularly).
It takes the calories in the atmosphere (always above 5 ºC) and restores them to the pool´s water with low energy consumption. We can compare the heat pump to indirect solar heating.

1 KWh consumed = 4 KWh of energy restored to the pool.

The consumption is 4 times lower than a traditional electric heater. THE 80% OF THE ENERGY USED TO HEAT YOUR POOL IS FREE, because heat pumps take the solar energy contained in the air, and the electric consumption is actually the 20% left.

Our heat pump:

  • Is one of the cheapest solutions.
  • Is one of the most silent in the market.
  • Helps to protect the environment.
  • It´s easy to use.
We recommend the installation of a thermal or automatic cover due to their great insulating power, because they can reduce up to 75% of the electricity consumption in heated pools with heat pump.

Ambient dehumidifiers

deshumificadorHaving a heated pool in a closed place makes the interior ambient very damp and the humidity gets into the walls and furniture.

Dehumidification is necessary for user´s comfort and to avoid the building deterioration.