Clima Pool Center solves all the problems that your pool may suffer; deficiency in pipe lines, filtration equipments, dosing and disinfection equipments, pool lights installation, as well as swimming pool waterproofing, concrete stairs, installation of on-site artificial stone for the pool edge…

But if your pool has water losses or leakage, you can find the best solution in LINER coating.

Clima Pool Center has been a pioneer company at the installation of this material in Spain, and as Liner professionals, we have more than 27 years of experience.

The liner is a PVC ductile and flexible membrane which, thanks to its many virtues, has become an essential product for the waterproofing of swimming pools and rain tanks.

See our examples of swimming pool reforms

Liner coating adjusts to any pool shape and it is compatible with any type of pool; concrete, prefabricated or steel panels. Liner is used in both, existing pools and new constructions, this material is made to be used in private and public pools.

  • It is ideal for the renovation of old pool’s coating, due to its easy installation and low cost compared to the renovation with tiles or standard coating. This factor makes liner the best value for money.
  • It is the definitive solution for those pools which suffer water losses, because it ensures total water tightness, even in pools with irregular shapes or stairs with many steps.
  • It provides a variety of colours and prints that we can combine to your liking.
  • It has resistance to the formation of bacteria and fungi.
  • It is resistant to UV radiation and chemical products for the water treatment.
  • It is highly resistant to tears and cracks and its colours resists over the years.
  • We offer a digressive 10 years guarantee on the material and 2 years on labour.


It is the most recommended for coating public or irregular shape pools. Its installation, by means of thermal sealing, fixes its parts with hot air, leaving the union of the pieces imperceptibles by the eye.

LINER 75/100 ( BAG )

It is recommended for small pools or private pools. This type of liner comes already made from the factory, and the installation does not require the thermal sealing.

  • Preparation /repair of the areas.
  • Review and possible replacement of pipelines.
  • Replacement of the recirculation elements (skimmers, drain, jets and lights). Liner coating requires specific accessories to ensure water-tightness.
  • Installation of the Liner coating by means of thermal-seal with hot air.
  • Filling and enjoyment