Is one of the most economical and healthy systems to treat your pool water and improve water quality.

The electrolysis is a system that resembles the behaviour of the sea and its ecosystem:

  • The pool water is slightly salty (9 times less than sea water).
  • By electrolysis, through the cell, the salt is converted into chlorine gas.
  • Chlorine gas destroys all micro-organisms in the cell and gives the pool a proper level of free chlorine.

This system allows automation of treatment for water disinfection (producing natural chlorine in a controlled way avoiding overdose), which simplifies pool maintenance making it easy. It also represents a big economical saving, because it reduces to the minimum the use of chemical products derived from chlorine. With the saline electrolysis we avoid the eyes irritation or itchy skin and the nasty smell of chlorine, because it does not produce chloramines, in contrast with chemical chlorine.electrolisis-salina For a good operation of electrolysis, the PH value must be between 7,2 y 7,4, so it is advisable to install an automatic ph dosing equipment.