Discover an Exceptional Experience

All swim, no work. That’s the life for you.
Forget about scrubbing the floor and scooping out leaves and dirt – the Dolphin E 20 robotic pool cleaner does it all for you, automatically.
The Dolphin E 20 leaves your pool floor clean of dirt and algae, and the pool water sparkling clean, ready for fun whenever you are.

Effortless operation
• Top-access filtration system – easy to remove and clean
• Light weight and easy to handle
• Fast, debris-free water release

Crystal-clear cleaning results.
• Active brushing action, scrub away algae and bacteria
• Effective, easy-to-use fine filtration system
• Efficient dirt collection – Collects fine and rough debris

Peace of mind
• Proven reliability – made by Maytronics, the leader in robotic pool cleaners
• Rapid service and repair

The Dolphin E 20 is the robot of your dreams on an affordable price. This light weight, small robot is ideal for all types of pools up to 10 mt, including above-ground pools, cleans pool floor and walls.